Let your website users create Joomla articles using simple forms. No html knowledge required!        

Form2Content is a so called Content Construction Kit

It allows website visitors (users) to create Joomla articles without any HTML knowledge. This is accomplished by creating forms to collect the data and article templates for the presentation.


100% native Joomla articles!

Top JED rated Joomla CCK since 2009!


Free support, documentation & F2C forum

Article templates for consistent layout


Front-end article manager, ACL based

Auto re-size images, cropping and thumbnail generation*


Multiple image upload (gallery)

Unlimited forms & fields and 18 field types!*


Powerful F2C PRO features for extra usability


Extend with F2C SearchKML Feeds or custom plugins

What is Form2Content CCK?

Form2Content is a so called Content Construction Kit. It allows website visitors (users) to create Joomla articles without any HTML knowledge. It's a toolbox because the website designer can build the forms & article templates to own specifications.

Joomla 2.5 compatible Joomla 3.x compatible Form2Content is a Joomla! CMS extension (component and language files) and is available for J3.x and J2.5.

(it's free)

Lite & Pro

How does Form2Content work (in a nutshell?)

F2C helps you create 100% native JOOMLA ARTICLES in a flexible and unique way. This is accomplished by splitting information (data) and presentation (layout) at Joomla article level. No CORE HACKS, extra content scripts or plugins required.

F2C collects the article information using custom submission forms. The data is than pasted into Joomla articles using ARTICLE TEMPLATES...... that's it, well kind of ;)!

100% Joomla, 100% compatible!

The articles created by Form2Content are 100% Joomla and saved in the Joomla category structure. This makes Form2Content compatible with all 3rd party plugins which use com_content.

No special modules/integrations or plugins are required to work with other 3rd party Joomla extensions like commenting systems, gallery plugins, rating systems, tabs & slides, etc.....


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