Joomla!® is great so we stick to the core!
No need for “F2C compatible”, F2C is “Joomla compatible”. We create 100% native Joomla articles.        

What can Form2Content do for you?

Without getting all technical we like to show you what Form2Content has done for us and hopefully can do for you.

Form2Content will not be developed for Joomla 4. We have closed the webshop for Form2Content Pro and will shortly be providing free download of all our latest versions.

make adding website content easy & logical

Joomla is a great CMS but having ‘just’ an editor for creating article content can be complicated. This is especially true for users with no experience.

Form2Content provides an easy solution:

  • simple article submission forms with logical captions
  • accessible via the front-end
  • YES, image upload with cropping and thumbnails
  • NO html knowledge required to create a (complex) Joomla article

create consistent layout for complex articles

However complex, responsive or fancy your article content is, your user should not be confronted with any of the code. Yet your articles should look the same.

Form2Content, as the name suggests, separates content (data) from the layout:

  • article templates are fully customizable & have placeholders for the data
  • all created article look the same
  • add html (bootsrap classes, microdata) in the template
  • add Joomla plugin syntax in your article template

it’s your website so you decide

We don’t reinvent the wheel when there are so many great extensions! You decide which gallery plugin, commenting system you want to use.

F2C is just the tool for integrating the extensions into your Joomla article.

  • every 3rd party extension that works with Joomla articles works with F2C
  • use whatever CSS framework you like (bootsrap 3, UIkit etc.)
  • no dependency on 'integration plugins' or "F2C compatible"

increases the quality and value of your articles

You can easily add microdata or responsive code in your article template automatically from the data filled out by the user.

The real power however is that all the data of each article is also saved per field in our own database tables.

  • Joomla article now have (searchable) ‘properties’.
  • Relations between articles can be created.
  • Data from articles can be shown in other articles.
  • Extend to show article(s) on Google maps using KML feeds.
  • Do absolute article searches based on field values.
  • With our api for cstom plugins …. endless possibilities!


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