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Form2Content KML Feeds for Google Maps

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Use Google Maps to navigation your Joomla articles

The potential of Google Maps for web designers goes far beyond the simple display of your office location on the contact page of your website. Many 3rd party Joomla Plugins and Modules already give you the ability to show Google Maps with placemarkers. Now you can use Google Maps for navigation through displaying multiple placemarkers, one for every article!

Using Form2Content (LITE and PRO) you can get latitude and longitude information (per F2C Article using simply two text fields). Now all you need is the F2C KML Feeds component to generate a KML file and Google API code or a 3rd party Plugin to render the placemarkers on a map. Since F2C KML Feeds generates a (KML) Feed the placemarkers are updated automatically.

F2C KML Feeds features

  • Placemarker template: Select the information from your F2C submisison form that you want to show in the placemarker description.
  • Use Smarty templating for your placemarker template
  • Create filters to select the articles you want to be included in the feed
  • Create multiple feeds for your different F2C Content Types
  • Add custom placemarkers to the feed
  • No CRON job required to process and update the KML feed!


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