Joomla!® is great so we stick to the core!
No need for “F2C compatible”, F2C is “Joomla compatible”. We create 100% native Joomla articles.        

Purchasing & Support

Always a topic for questions and rightly so! Hopefully the questions and answers below will help you. We like to be transparent about everything so should something not be clear please let us know.

If your have an old F2C Pro domain license you now have a life-time Pro subscription for unlimited domains. The same counts for the F2C Search & KML Feeds extensions. Your previous website credentials should still be valid.

F2C PRO has a unlimited domain, subscription based license.

In order to be able to keep developing Form2Content is released under a commercial subscription based license. As web designers using Form2Content we know that the time saved by using F2C is much greater that the low license fee.

Which subscriptions are available

Form2Content Pro and the F2C Extensions Search and KML Feeds are available with a 6 month, 12 month and life-time subscription. On average the 12 month subscription is 30% cheaper than the 6 month period.

What support do I get?

We provide FREE PERSONAL support for all our extensions. The F2C Pro subscription fee is used for developing Form2Content. Apart from personal support there is EXTENSIVE DOCUMENTATION and a DEDICATED FORUM.

PLEASE read our JED REVIEWS to really know what our support is like!

For which Joomla versions is my subscription valid?

A form2Content PRO subscription is valid for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. The release for J1.5 is available but no longer supported.

Do I get new Form2Content features with my subscription?

We continue to develop F2C for Joomla 3.x with new features and J3.x compatibility. F2C for J2.5 only gets minor updates and possible bug fixes but no new features. Any new features which are released during your subscription period will become available. Please note that your 'rights' to features and working of the F2C component are from the moment of purchase until the end of your subscription period.

Do I get Form2Content PRO upgrades?

You will get access to the new stable releases of Form2Content PRO as we release them and if you have a VALID subscription when they are released. Since new Joomla releases can have substantial changes, even last-minute we cannot release F2C for a new Joomla version at the same time of the Joomla release. We will however do our best to release as soon as possible.

Can I get a refund when the component doesn't suit my needs?

We do not provide refunds unless there is a proven BUG or failure in a component which is beyond your control and cannot be resolved. A refund for requirement is obsolete since Form2Content and its related components can be tested on our DEMO site. There is documentation and if still in doubt feel free to contact us about the use of our components.

Is the source code encrypted?

NO! The source code of all the Open Source Design components and modules is 100% Open Source! Our licensing is checked without the need for encryption.


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