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New F2C Pro subscription model

With the new Form2Content website comes a new F2C Pro subscription model. The old F2C Pro domain license system has been replaced by a more modern and flexible unlimited-domain time subscription based model. We have made this choice for several reasons and would like to share them with you.

IMPORTANT: The FREE and quick support (we do our best) for both F2C LITE and PRO will remain the same!

Our motivations for change

Joomla core keeps changing at a large rate. Since F2C 'sticks to the core' this does provide a lot of extra work for us maintaining compatibility and adding the extra 'com_content' features. We can honestly say that we have underestimated this amount of work in the past and at the time of our previous choice for a domain license.

The new subscription system with all it's features gives us much more control over payments, invoices, VAT control, upgrade rules etc. Basically our old software was obsolete.

A new integrated release system (Yes, thank you Akeeba!) provides us with the tools to allow for 'one click' updates and direct downloads from the JED and These will soon be implemented!

Also from a commercial point of view there is a motivation. Providing access to Form2Content Pro for less money and a shorter period (6 months) will hopefully give more people a chance to experience the software.

What happened to my license?

If you have logged in you will have found that anyone with a Form2Content Pro license now had a F2C Pro 12 month subscription. Anyone with multiple domain licenses now has a F2C Pro Lifetime subscription. The same counts for F2C Search and F2C KML Feeds.

  • The new subscription is for unlimited domains with unlimited downloads of the software!
  • You will get a 25% discount on any renewal after one year
  • Our FREE support remains, the subscription fee is for F2C development
  • New features for F2C will continue to be developed

We hope you you understand our choices and will continue to enjoy Joomla and Form2Content! Naturally we can be contacted via our support should there be any problems with your account.



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